Dust in the wind

There is a major dust storm today. It is so bad they closed all the schools in the country. The wind blows and blows and dust seeps into everything indoors and out. Windows shut, doors closed, the dust blows in and covers every single surface. Everything is dry, arid and alien outside. It is not a nourishing place for humans.
Time to blow along with the dust
We’ve been in the Middle East long enough. It is time to let the winds of change carry us back home. Thailand is home for us and it is a very different place and reality. It can meet our needs; needs that have become more and more obvious as the children have grown up.

I miss the rain. The life giving rain. Whenever we go to Thailand I make a point of standing in the rain. It is so refreshing and life affirming. It almost never rains in the Middle East and letting rain soak me through is a refreshing contrast.
Rain and sunshine are two things found in limitless abundance in Thailand. They make everything grow, and they will make my children, my wife and me grow as well. We are moving into an environment that will foster our need to grow in so may ways. Just as rain makes life there are a few essential needs for human beings that we can meet in Thailand. When my wife told me I needed a hobby, I told her I adore RC. When she said I hardly even picked up my RC cars – I recognized my new love is in RC planes and looked around. A sick Quanum Nova review I did is an example that I am becoming excited about it, and do have a lot of RC experience again.
Spiritual growth
Thailand is the place our hearts can find the fullness of spirit we cannot find in the arid Middle East. It is an inclusive and spiritually rich environment which will nourish

our hearts. Naam and I yearn for it. There is inclusive spirituality everywhere you go in Thailand. Buddhism is an accepting and tolerant religion for the most part. It is certainly the most gentle of all the world religions and if I had to choose one for my family Buddhism would be it. Typically people end up defaulting to the spiritual practices that surround them. So if my children are to be exposed to a religion I very much prefer that it be Buddhism.
The body needs food to survive of course and we are going to a place filled with so many choice for meeting that need. We will be surrounded by the best food in the world and with the use of the ozark trail cooler reviews they have endless choices to fuel our bodies for the adventures we go on every day. Our children will be able to grow feeding their bodies with endlessly variable, enticing and delightful foods. They will grow up with palettes tuned to the exotic and exciting.
Human beings need to learn and experience constant curiosity to be healthy. We will be able to foster and fulfill curiosity with ease living in Thailand. Not only is it a place of endless variation and amazement, the culture itself is attuned to and promotes the new and delightful. Thais love “new” things and respond to fresh experiences openly and enthusiastically. This is one of the deep needs my family will have met in the “Land of Smiles”.
It is time for us to go
We’ve had our time here and circumstance and opportunity have made it possible for us to make the transition back to Thailand. After 11 years in this part of the world we have certainly spent enough time here. It is time for a change.