Integrated Synchronicity

I love the idea of using my favorite apps in integrated ways. Here is a great example. I am writing this blog post in Evernote. It will synchronize with my blogging tool of choice Blogo. From there I can publish it straight to my WordPress driven personal web site Evernote is everywhere for me… on my phone, iPad, Mac… etc. I can log onto it from any web browser and then use it to compose my blog posts. I also use it to collect content from all over the web… so it is a great clearing house for ideas and media to drive my blogging.

Blogo makes it better
Blogo brings it all together. It automatically pulls in my Evernote content and then lets me manage all aspects of the posts, the site, etc. using its powerful yet elegant tools. I can see, edit and manage all my posts, pages, comments… everything. By integrating with Evernote Blogo lets me work where, when how I want to. It is a perfect example of well integrated web services, superb interface design and software designed to take advantage of hardware (it is a Mac app that really leverages all of the features of Mac OS X). 

Use the right tools for the job
The cloud has enabled all sorts of apps and services to integrate and play to their own strengths. Gone are the days of monolithic software powerhouses that try to do everything and in the process end up mired in mediocrity. Microsoft Office is a great example of this. There are too many features and attempts to take on services… it simply isn’t possible to be great at everything. I much prefer using smaller toolsets that are outstanding at what they are designed for. So Evernote for content collection, WordPress for publishing and Blogo for  my blog efforts. Each tool is exactly suited to what I need it to do and the overall experience is better for it. The result, as they say, is greater than the sum of all the parts.