Today I composed a story called Arabia using some of my photographs from the last few years here in the Middle East. I got them into Adobe Lightroom and processed them to bring out the best in them to make them really pop. I was able to do that because now my iMac is back in action with an upgraded SSD drive. To be honest, for the last couple of years the IMac has just been too slow and has really gotten in the way of the creative process. I could’ve been patient and taken more time, but with the other distractions of family life, moving countries, and so on, it just didn’t happen. 

 I can tell my stories now 

 Now with the Mac running correctly and able to do what I really want to do with it, I’m able to be creative and employ all of the skills I’ve been developing over these last few years. What is interesting is that I have now really changed how I approach the whole act of photography and the creative process overall. What I have found is that I now think of everything in terms of storytelling. I create and capture images in order to serve a narrative. Another change in how I approach things is that I want to incorporate mobile technology into my whole creative workflow. I want the iPad to be part of it, and I certainly made that happen by using a tool called Adobe Slate to actually create a digital story using my photographs. Slate is an iPad only app that lets you create stories. 

 Cameras, computers, mobile technology… The whole point is to tell your story 

Slate lets you combine story as text with photographs that are laid out in a parallax web layout. The stories can then be shared online on Facebook, Twitter, blogs and email… The whole result is seamlessly elegant and quite frankly very well done. When I combined my Lightroom processed photos with the story that was brief and hopefully touching Slate managed to give them the movement and flow that I was trying to achieve with ease. The tool itself was incredibly simple to use and it was a pleasure to adjust and edit the story as I developed it. Slate integrated completely with Lightroom mobile. Adding photos, titles and text blocks was a breeze. Lightroom mobile has an automated connection with Lightroom desktop, so as soon as it added photos to the Arabia collection on my iMac they were automagically ready to go on the iPad. I’m starting to see where Adobe might be going in terms of helping people to tell their stories using their products. Hopefully they keep going in this direction. They need to get the pricing right though…