Making more images

I’ve been making more images ever since I added an SSD to my iMac. The truth of the matter is that because it’s more efficient it makes updating and editing photos a lot more pleasant. When running off the slow system, everything just took too long, and had become kind of frustrating. The problem is directly related to the benefits and power of digital photography. You see, it’s so easy to take lots of pictures using a digital SLR. You don’t have to worry about paying for processing your film. So you take lots and lots of shots. But then you bring these hundreds of shots into the computer, and it takes a long time to go through them and to select the ones you want to work with, keep, and process.

Why speed matters

Why does having a fast, well managed computer matter to photography? The simple answer is that the quantity of pictures that we capture forces us to go through many many images to find the ones we want to keep. Anything that I can do to make that process faster makes my photography easier, more enjoyable, and more likely to be something that I do at any given time.

The digital darkroomThe computer has become the digital darkroom. It allows us to process our photos, change the way they look, and to exercise infinite creative freedom. We can convert our pictures the black-and-white, sharpen them, change the “look” of the image, in fact we can do just about anything. Using tools like Adobe Lightroom for me is an integral part of the photographic creative process. I must first To my images with my camera, but I interpret them when I “develop” them using the digital darkroom. A few years ago it could be argued that there was more richness and depth to analog process photos. This is no longer true. You can achieve more using digital capture, process and output (printing) now than analog is capable of.

It is becoming really affordable
Large format prints of photos used to be really expensive, especially for digital prints. This was because there had to be a conversion process to allow the service bureaus and printers to take the digital file and convert it to be printed on their old analog printing and processing equipment. Those days are gone. Nowadays you can take your files to a good printing service bureau and they can output it quite affordably. I’ve been researching printers in Bangkok because we are moving there and the prices are terrific. I can get 20” x 24” fine art grade prints done for ฿1,000  ($50 Canadian dollars). For another ฿1,000 they will mat and frame it for you! Even fine art Giclée prints that size are only ฿1,300. A Giclée print that size cost $300 – 400 Canadian dollars as recently as 2-3 years ago. Even today Giclée prints range from $100 – 200 each for 20” x 20” in Canada. In Bangkok, although everything is cheaper you have to be careful where you choose to print. Some places charge a LOT more… In any case, I will be printing our a LOT of my work because now I can afford it!