Hands-on learning

What’s hot pink, totally gross-out-fun, liquid when you put your hand into it but solid when you slap it? Oobleck of course! Asides from being a “non-newtonian fluid”, Oobleck is the stuff I wrote about in my last post. Not only can you make it hot pink, you can add glitter…. and, according to Maya, everything is better if you just add a little glitter.

DIY Edutainment

Lots of silly, hands-on learning is what it is all about with these science experiments. The kids get to have a lot of fun doing activities that have an educational bent. More importantly, they are learning to inquire about their world, research and make sense of their universe. The best aspect of this kind of activity is that it helps the children to learn to make their own fun, to entertain themselves all whilst learning! We don’t need to go to some shopping mall and pay loads of money at an amusement park that they will just forget about anyway. Tangible learning experiences shared with Mom & Dad have a far better capacity for fostering positive lifelong habits, memories and benefits.

If you thought Oobleck was messy…

Caden gets to choose the next experiment and says he wants to do the ever popular mentos and diet coke experiment… This one promises to be crazy messy, so it will have to be outdoors. After the first demonstration of what happens when you drop mentos candy into diet coke I will impose a little scientific method on our research and introduce hypotheses, controls and variables… The whole thing promises to be a LOT of fun.

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