Making slime is a blast and the kids absolutely loved it

So we are back doing experiments again.
Maya has been bugging me to make slime for weeks now. She found loads of videos on YouTube Kids about how to make slime and has been asking on a daily basis if we could make slime. So I finally managed to get all the ingredients together and we did one of our family experiments.

We always start with a question and then we make a hypothesis
The kids put on their lab coats and we watched a video to see how slime is made. Then they wrote down a question and came up with a hypothesis. After the experiment was done we wrote down our conclusions.

Gather the ingredients
After I had managed to get some Borax, I had what we needed to do our experiment.

  • White PVA glue
  • Water
  • Glitter

The most important ingredient
According to Maya, there is nothing that cannot be improved by adding glitter. She’s probably right. In any case, to make galaxy glitter you need to add glitter to the slime. Adding the glitter was probably their favorite part of the experiment.


Now to make our SLIME
Slime is best made with borax and polymer glue. The borax makes the bonds in the polymer (white PVA glue) stronger so they stick together more. The more you play with the slime the stronger the bonds get because water is evaporating the the bonded polymers are bunching together more.


Slime is so fun to play with
Probably the best thing about making slime at home as an experiment is that after you make it you get to play with it. The children discovered that after you make slime the polymers become elastic. So when you drop the slime on the floor it bounces. The next experiment may need to be making super bouncy balls…